TED Talks 2016


Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 2016

What happens if you take the virtuosic finger guitar style of Tommy Emmanuel, combine it with lush soundscape backdrops reminiscent of Ben Howard, Jon Hopkins and Nightmares On Wax, but throw in the hard hitting beats of acts such as Imagine Dragons just for good measure?

Blending these diverse musical influences cohesively, Liverpool artist Ben Hughes’s music is like nothing you’ve heard before. It is the culmination of the acoustic guitar, merged with the hallmark elements of structurally familiar pop music and electronic dance – but with Ben’s understanding of his instrument at the forefront.

The seamless union of haunting melodies, acoustic songwriting and electronica combine perfectly with intriguing results in key original tracks ‘Wake With You’ and ‘Falling Again’. ‘Let Myself’ shows a softer side lyrically though set within a distorted backdrop while ‘Bright Lights’ firmly nods to the influence soundscapes have had upon Ben’s musical development.

A self taught guitar maestro beginning at just five years old, to watch him play is to watch a master at work. You can see why all the blood, sweat and tears has affectionately earned him the title ‘The Machine’ and ‘Crazy Fingers’ to his peers and fans alike.